Command line winscp script

command line winscp script

A single file upload involves so few commands that it is enough to provide them on the command line, saving writing a script file. Command-line Options. Parameters. Session; Logging; Console/scripting mode; Operations; Configuration; Mass-modification. WinSCP is a secure file transfer graphical utility. But, it has more features than what you can see with a GUI. The WinSCP command line also. TERMINAL VIA SPLASHTOP

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Improve this answer. Martin Prikryl Martin Prikryl Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. WinSCP command get can accept multiple files as its arguments, but the last argument needs to be target path. WinSCP command put can accept multiple files as its arguments, but the last argument needs to be target path. Credentials specified on separate lines of ftp. See converting credentials above. The same applies to username specified using user command.

Command type binary is an alias to binary command. WinSCP does not support exiting to local shell. For more advanced tasks, consider using WinSCP. NET assembly from PowerShell script. WinSCP defaults to passive mode.

Associations SourceForge TeamForge. There is no equivalent. In WinSCP all of hostname, username and password are specified using single command open. See also converting credentials below. SFTP servers typically do not allow anonymous login.

Command line winscp script export table structure mysql workbench command line winscp script

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